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The Journal of Intercultural Inquiry is a refereed, peer-reviewed, and open-access e-journal for scholars, researchers, teachers, and students who are interested in intercultural engagement in a globalized world.

Study of interculturality is an expanding field within the humanities and social sciences. It probes the global challenges posed in the twenty-first century by its multi-faceted approach, and engages and encourages possibilities for establishing new frameworks for understanding cultural diversity. It contains a variety of components and core areas applied within a global context. The term Intercultural Studies was initially adopted in missionary institutions in the USA and pragmatic, sociologically oriented faculties in Scandinavia. It is now increasingly being adapted to international education and interdisciplinary research.

The Concept

The Journal offers a sound academic forum for critical debate and publication of research in the expanding field of intercultural inquiry. We see the concepts underpinning this area of study as fluid, dynamic and diverse, enlisting a variety of views and perspectives. The approach is interdisciplinary and its remit widely construed to include: language and communications, foreign languages, applied linguistics and translation, literary, historical, cultural and sociological studies, law, political science and international relations.


The Content

Each issue features articles and review essays. Special issues engage with topical themes and searching theoretical questions.

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Vol 3, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


Translation, Concepts of ‘Right,’ and the Opium Wars: A New Historical Method and a New World History PDF
Sinkwan Cheng
‘She was Japanese and she had hung herself in her room’: Theorising Kazuo Ishiguro’s A Pale View of Hills PDF
Julie Mehta
Coping with the Other: Muslim Overseas Students in Britain PDF
Sarah Thomas, Thomas Hawes


Review of A Relational Theory of World Politics by Yaqing Qin PDF
Hui Yang
Review of The Spirit of the Chinese People by Ku Hong-Ming PDF
Cen Gao
Why has China Achieved Success by Taking the Socialist Road? By Dai Mucai PDF
Nath Aldalala'a
Review of Aahung: Poems by Asrarul Haq Majaz, translated into English by Sami Rafiq PDF
Geoff Nash


University of Sunderland

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